Yves Rocher, the pioneer in botanical beauty since 1959, believes in the regenerative powers and benefits of plants. We were hired to raise brand awareness in Italy and to elevate its positioning, from its primary perception as high-street brand. The Yves Rocher Foundation created the Terre de Femmes Awards 15 years ago and has been honoring the achievements of women in preserving and protecting the environment ever since. This year, the company decided to launch a specific Italian Terre des Femmes award and we were tasked with its announcement and with driving the engagement.


Since IC was hired in May 2016, we have undertaken a range of impactful media relations activities to improve visibility in Italy. We secured significant brand features and product placements in target media, and key editors were introduced to the DNA of the brand during a press trip to company headquarters in La Gacilly, Mr. Rocher’s birthplace in the heart of Brittany, where in the 1950s, he first developed his botanical beauty products. For the Terre de Femmes Award, we conceptualized the first event of its kind in Italy, and coordinated the project throughout all of its stages. We handled all the PR activities, working with the leading lifestyle and beauty editors, as well as environmental journalists, and arranged for high profile Italian environmental figures to actively participate in the project as members of the jury and as contestants. We have also supported the opening of two new flagship stores – in Florence and Rome – ensuring that local media, influencers and bloggers were in attendance.


The immediate impact of the features and product placements we secured resulted in a sharp increase in sales. Furthermore we significantly boosted the visibility of the brand online and in social media channels. The Italian version of the Terre de Femmes Award received prominent editorial placements and we secured a number of interviews for the Director of The Yves Rocher Foundation. Thanks to our intensive and passionate work, the project won the Marie Claire Prix d’Excellence Award 2017. In addition, Yves Rocher won over a number of new ambassadors for the brand and Foundation through the event: a number of jury members were so thrilled to be part of such a worthwhile project that they engaged in new collaborations with the Yves Rocher Foundation in Italy.