Technogym, known worldwide as “The Wellness Company,“ was founded in 1983 by the visionary entrepreneur Nerio Alessandri at the age of 22. A sports enthusiast who trained as an industrial designer, Alessandri designed and built his first gym equipment prototypes in his garage. Technogym has become a leader in the field of fitness equipment and wellness solutions. Since 2016, Technogym is listed on Milan’s stock exchange. Over 50 million people around the world train on Technogym equipment; some 200 000 private homes and 80 000 wellness centers and hotels also feature Technogym equipment.
Today, Technogym has a crucial role to play in guiding people as they rethink their personal relationship with fitness and overall wellness, by offering new solutions adapted to modern needs and today’s lifestyles. IC Insight Communications understands the current landscape and is ideally positioned to accompany Technogym as it establishes a more visible presence in France.


Our core strengths include our extensive media network and portfolio of clients that enable us to secure impactful features based on our knowledge of the media landscape and local market. In addition to product placement PR, we are savvy when it comes to corporate communication. We can secure prominent brand sagas and profile interviews of the Founder and President Nerio Alessandro to secure greater visibility for this visionary leader.
• Communicate the universe, core values and USPs of Technogym;
• Increase the visibility of Technogym’s visionary Founder and President Nerio Alessandri;
• Increase visibility of all Technogym product categories through relevant multi- media media coverage;
• Focus consumer attention on home fitness equipment by establishing a clear connection to overall health and wellbeing;
• Cast a spotlight on star products and product launches;
• Create and reinforce the relationship between Technogym and key editors (lifestyle, sports, fitness, beauty, design and technology), influencers and tastemakers at the highest and most effective levels;
• Create a genuine and sustainable buzz around Technogym as a market leader amongst “those in the know” to generate a loyal following;
• And most importantly, drive traffic and sell-through.