Supima is a non-profit organization in the United States, whose main objective is to promote the use of American Pima cotton around the world. Founded in 1954, it derived its name from superior pima. Today, Supima® is the world’s finest cotton and luxury fiber of choice and it is grown only in the USA. We were hired to raise the profile of Supima and its Supima Design Competition in Europe’s key fashion markets. This prestigious event was created to give runway exposure to emerging talent from America’s top design schools, by offering the resources to create a capsule collection using luxurious Supima® fabrics.


We succeeded in consistently securing the presence of key European fashion editors at the Supima Design Competition fashion shows in New York and secured the participation of prominent jury members. We promoted the competition and the Supima® brand in Europe by conceptualising and hosting special events to present the winners of the Design Competition during Paris Fashion Week, at prime venues such as the US Ambassador’s Residence, Le Petit Palais and Hôtel de Talleyrand.

In addition to increasing visibility for the Supima Design Competition, we conceptualised a European counterpart in 2018 known as the Supima Design Lab which gives carte blanche and material to emerging talent to develop a collection. In parallel, we identified and established a strategic partnership with the Festival de Hyères to showcase these designs and to give an important platform for Supima.

IC equally strongly supports Supima during Première Vision, the industry’s most relevant international fabric and fibre fair. In addition to industry introductions, we assist Supima in educating the media, designers, brands and other actors in the sourcing community about the numerous innovations, advancements in technology, fabric blends, performance, and design & fashion applications which are showcased at their Cotton Pavilion.

Through our expertise, we were able to create a presence for Supima in the art sector. We proposed and implemented collaboration with French artist Adrien Vescovi whose monumental sculptural installation made from Supima cotton was exhibited at the Palais de Tokyo during FIAC and over 4 months.

We are currently in the process of establishing a partnership with the 5th edition of the Design Parade Toulon, a festival dedicated to design which will afford Supima’s visibility an even broader spread with the international Home Interiors sector.

Importantly, we also highlighted Kering’s announcement of their agreement with Supima and the scientific traceability company Oritain to use only Supima 100% organic cotton as their material of choice across all their brands, in a conscious commitment to pioneer truly sustainable fashion with proven provenance.


Our efforts have developed very important industry relations with a direct impact on both reputation and revenue. Important editors across Europe are now highly aware of brand and the eponymous Supima Design Competition, its finalists and the significance of this organisation. The events in Paris are deemed a spectacular success, securing high-profile and influential attendance and very positive press reviews.

The Supima Design Lab is a now an anticipated event in its 3rd year. The event and creations showcased in September during the Paris Fashion Week, as well as at the Festival de Hyères, consistently generate extensive coverage in trade, fashion and lifestyle press.

Supima’s versatility has been successfully demonstrated through the art collaboration we initiated with Vescovi. We equally placed an important emphasis on Supima as a choice for forward-thinkers by highlighting their critical move towards sustainability. A harvest trip to the US to showcase Supima’s sustainability practices is currenty in planning.