SHA is a state of the art luxury wellness clinic with a unique story that began with the personal journey of its founder Alfredo Bataller Parietti who was able to cure his chronic digestive condition of thirty years thanks to a combination of macrobiotic nutrition and natural medicine. Inspired to share his insights, he developed the hallmark ‘360o SHA Method’ in 2009 as a revolutionary path to health, wellbeing and balance. The treatments and therapies that support this unique method are developed and delivered by teams of researchers at the SHA Spa Clinic, an idyllic haven on Spain’s Costa Blanca that has won numerous prestigious awards as one of the foremost wellness destinations in the world.
SHA’s 360o Method sets itself apart from its competitors with a comprehensive schedule ranging from the most effective natural therapies, to nutrition planning, cognitive stimulation, innovations in non-invasive and regenerative anti-ageing medicine, as well as fitness discipline. Among the breakthrough SHA treatments, Cognitive Therapy – a non-invasive brain stimulation that balances cellular recovery and has demonstrated benefits for conditions such as anxiety, memory loss, depression and low energy levels – was hailed by NASA and Harvard University as a pioneering technology. SHA hired us to heighten their visibility and educate the French and Italian market on the long-term benefits of adopting their exceptional methods and products and lay the foundations for its international expansion.
In 2018 SHA celebrated its 10th Anniversary. International openings are planned in Mexico (2021) and in the Middle East (2023).


We adopted a multi-channel integrated approach that aligned with SHA’s global objectives, focusing our communication strategy on affirming the positioning of SHA as THE ultimate, state-of-the-art luxury wellness clinic and destination, backed by cutting-edge scientific innovations.
Drawing on our established ties to key editors, digital influencers and opinion leaders, we created prominent visibility, media coverage and a genuine word-of- mouth buzz for the SHA way of life, clearly communicating its core values and USPs through captivating brand narratives and story angles, in addition to key events and initiatives.
These included hosting a highly successful anniversary celebration in Paris, organising press trips with French and Italian key editors from top tier publications and developing an ambassador programme and an influencer outreach campaign.


The 10th anniversary celebrations, which included press luncheons and dinners with potential VIP clients, were a great success that created an enduring impression of SHA’s unique products and approach amongst ‘those in the know’ and planted the seeds for a loyal international following.
IC Insight Communication’s ongoing campaign for SHA will include the introduction of a new series of SHA pop-ups in select locations, as well as a programme of visiting masters at the SHA wellness clinic.
We also launched a new portfolio of SHA Residences, eleven ultra-luxurious contemporary homes perched on a beautiful mountainside overlooking the Mediterranean and built to be entirely self-sustainable. For those that wish to enjoy the fantastic micro-climate of the region, rated by the World Health Organization as one of the best in the world, along with full access to all SHA wellness & clinic treatments and the SHA nutrition plan, SHA has incorporated the SHA way of health from inception to create an immersive and life-changing environment.
As recipient, year after year, of some of the most prestigious and coveted awards, SHA’s international expansion is the next important milestone.