To accompany Maison Lutétia with a global communication campaign aimed at increasing its renown and visibility


Maison Lutétia is an aesthetic medicine clinic nestled in a 19th century Parisian “hotel particulier” located in the 17th arrondissement. It offers exceptional, customized treatments using sophisticated, market-leading techniques for both women and men.

Advocating a delicate and natural non-surgical approach that respects each client’s features for optimal and subtle results, Maison Lutétia offers treatments in line with its values and philosophy that protect, restore, embellish and reveal an individual’s physiognomy without altering its nature.

The largest European center for scar-free hair transplants, the clinic is the only specialist to offer the DHI method in France.

Maison Lutétia engaged our services to develop its reputation and visibility in France and to reinforce its position as a specialist in the range of state-of-the-art aesthetic treatments it offers.


Applying our experience in well-being and aesthetics medicine, we focused our communication strategy on re-affirming the position of Maison Lutétia as a refined, luxury aesthetic medicine clinic known for its discretion and its innovative techniques.

Our long-standing ties to key editors, influencers and opinion leaders allowed us to secure prominent visibility and broad media coverage through captivating stories that communicated the core values and range of specialist treatments offered by the Maison Lutétia. We also proposed different communication axes to achieve a broader yet targeted media coverage.

To reinforce Maison Lutétia’s social media presence, we created both interest and desire to learn more about our client’s treatments among influencers and opinion leaders to generate word-of-mouth and traffic.


Thanks to our experience and knowledge in this sector, we have significantly increased the renown of Maison Lutétia and ensured its prominent visibility in both print and online media as well as on social media platforms.

We highlighted the expertise and professionalism of Maison Lutétia and underlined the high quality of its treatments as well as the natural “French” result of its approach. We organized meetings on site for allow members of the media to discover the Maison’s venue, the history of the company, and the philosophy and the treatments it offers. Opportunities to test and experience its treatments also contributed to establishing Masion Lutétia as an expert in aesthetic medicine.

Our work has strengthened the relationship between Maison Lutétia and the principal publishers, influencers and opinion leaders in France.