We were hired in 2012 to relaunch the Guy Laroche brand and encourage reappraisal of this iconic French fashion house.


We promoted the brand by capitalizing on Guy Laroche’s heritage, demonstrating how its modernity was inspired by its past, and we also introduced its new designer, Richard René. An ongoing, targeted media relations campaign encouraged editors to look at the Maison with fresh eyes. Since introducing the new Creative Director Richard René, we initiated and have been conducting a celebrity endorsement program. Endorsements have included Marion Cotillard wearing René’s launch collection SS 2018 at the Cannes Festival 2018, the patronage of Cara Delevingne, Rita Ora and the iconic Caroline Vreeland at special events, as well as the attendance of Eva Longoria at the last SS 2020 Fashion Show in Paris, among others. Since René’s nomination to Creative Direction, we have established a collaboration with fashion photographer duo Tania & Vincent who are shooting the latest campaigns for Guy Laroche with a novel take on the iconic brand.


We succeeded in securing the regular attendance of key editors at Guy Laroche fashion shows and in reviving the visibility and status power of the brand. Guy Laroche has made an impactful return to top-tier fashion and its collections are regularly featured in leading fashion publications and worn by many international celebrities.