Re-positioning the brand at the apex of “must-have” Italian accessories for both women and men


Established in 1927 by Aldo Furlanetto in Bologna, Furla celebrated its 90th anniversary with a foot firmly grounded in its heritage of time-honored craftsmanship, artisanal expertise, and innovative designs. The brand embodies the aesthetics of a contemporary Italian lifestyle known for its quality, colorful creativity and joyfulness, which is imbued in its handbags, shoes and accessories for both women and men. In the French market, while Furla was a recognized brand, its image was a little faded, and its appeal less contemporary thus less desirable. Our brief was to revive the image of the brand and boost its cool, contemporary Italian and accessible lifestyle positioning. In addition, our challenge was to help raise the brand’s profile in the business media, to create inspiring events and to support the artistic program of the Fondazione Furla by creating visibility and awareness of its Furla Series.


Through a targeted media relations program, a VIP and influencer campaign, as well as careful sample selection, we were successful in repositioning Furla as a ‘must-have’ Italian brand within the contemporary, accessible luxury market, underscored by a substantial series of cultural activities organized around the Fondazione Furla. The Fondazione has featured exhibitions of works by important contemporary artists like Christian Marclay, Hague Yang and Nairy Baghramian. We worked to reach the business and financial communities with a corporate communications media relations program. Focusing in part on the retail operations of Furla, we provided support for the opening of the brand’s flagship store in Paris on the exclusive Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré, and staged events with important retail partners such as Le Printemps.   While Furla was known exclusively for its female client base, we also helped to launch its first men’s collection, thanks to impactful events during Pitti Imagine in Florence and by relying on our targeted multi-channel communication strategies.


We generated support from key editors, VIPs and important influencers, and created numerous on-target media impressions. Our corporate communications media relations program also resulted in impactful business-focused stories. We have been there to assist Furla as it has expanded and opened new stores internationally, developed licensing agreements and refined its profile through its art foundation. Today, Furla is well-established as a key player within the accessible luxury market for accessories and posts double-digit growth in France as well as in international markets. The brand’s new store conceived by world famous architect David Chipperfield will open in Milan in late 2020.