This French high-tech, luxury skincare brand wanted to significantly increase its brand awareness and visibility in Italy. Distributed exclusively through Sephora until 2018, the brand hired us in 2013 as a dedicated PR agency to enhance its image, increase prominence within Sephora and, since 2018, also in an additional distribution channel to boost sales. In 2019 we launched its essential “make-care” line which was an entirely new category for Eisenberg and an important milestone in the company’s 19-year history. It was important for us to underline the difference between make-care, which incorporates critical skincare components, and make-up. In addition, we were challenged to reinforce and refresh relationships with key editors, opinion formers and ultra-high-net-worth individuals.


We targeted top tier print and online editors to introduce the brand and initiated a digital and social media campaign to increase online visibility and desirability. We then implemented a range of activities with ultra-high-net-worth individuals and influencers to create ‘buzz’ and drive sell-through, including made-to-measure skincare treatment experiences in Milan. Media relationships were further enhanced by focused press trips to Eisenberg’s headquarters in Monte Carlo. We also organized bi-annual digital influencer workshops to further boost the brand image and presence on social media.

In 2019, we launched the Eisenberg make-up line ‘Les Essentiels du Maquillage’, a fine fusion between skincare and makeup. Among our many activities, we presented the line to invited editors and influencers at Cosmoprof and during Sephora’s PR event a few days later. We followed up with PR events to which we invited print and online editors and, separately, the most famous and successful make-up artists and influencers. We also initiated and managed online activities with selected outlets.


Over many years, brand awareness and brand love have grown significantly and relationships with key media and influencers were revitalized and sustained. Eisenberg achieved enhanced visibility in traditional, digital and social media and sales increased across the range in Sephora, going from being perceived as a niche brand to a leading, genuine super high-tech skincare and make-care brand. The visibility in the media increased the brand’s distribution with more doors in Italy, including cities in which Sephora did not have a presence, boosting sales and increasing its shelf presence through the make-care brand.