Dr. Brandt



Dr. Brandt® is a pioneering American skincare brand, focusing on the field of cosmetic dermatology, founded by the world-renowned celebrity dermatologist Dr. Fredric Brandt. It is distributed through Sephora and was looking to boost its visibility and brand awareness in the Italian market. It also required support in reaching key dermatologists in Italy and promoting its charitable and social initiatives.


We were hired in November 2015 and have since then created a program of targeted public relations activities and a media relations campaign including corporate activity, brand features and product placement. Our first major activity was to organize and manage the press presentation of two important product launches in early 2016 and we are supporting the launch of The Dr. Brandt Foundation and its first campaign. The second biggest challenge with the brand was to organize an important press launch distributed in Italy at the beginning of 2017.


Our activities achieved impactful corporate coverage for the brand’s strategies and new launches, as well as prominent product placements. The brand increased its visibility, print and online, and is now in high demand by key editors and digital influencers bloggers.