Viareggio Superyachts (VSY)



The Italian super yacht builder VSY received an award from UNESCO for its engagement in a sustainability program for efficiently reducing carbon emissions. The sustainability program and Waterevolution model, developed with the Eulabor Institute, is setting a standard and has became a role model for ocean responsibility. We were hired to raise awareness about the program, and therefore promote VSY and its achievement amongst key lifestyle media and its rather small group of ultra-high-net-worth potential clients.


We created and managed two very exclusive events, a cocktail reception in Milan, and a gala dinner a Palazzo Pisani Moretta in Venice. Both were preceded by a press conference to showcase VSY and present its Waterevolution model. In keeping with the sustainability of the oceans message, a special culinary experience was created for each event, using only sustainable products.


VSY achieved impactful media coverage surrounding the two events and importantly, the key messages about the company, its environmental work and sustainability of the water system were delivered. The UNESCO award and our supporting activity has seen VSY create a new platform within the superyacht world, allowing them to not only engage with the super rich who want a yacht, but also with those who wish to minimize their impact on the planet.