As one of the most anticipated and successful launches in the past decade, Rihanna brought out her global makeup brand Fenty Beauty on September 8th 2017, in partnership with Kendo Brands. In Italy, the brand was launched exclusively at Sephora on April 6th 2018. Built around Rihanna’s persona, Fenty Beauty has a mandate of inclusivity: “Beauty for All”, focused on a wide range of shades for traditionally hard-to-match skin tones, with formulas that work for all skin types and pinpoint universal shades. IC Insight Communications was hired to introduce Fenty Beauty to the Italian market with one of the most hotly anticipated brand launches in recent years.


We developed and implemented a high-impact campaign, from a perfectly orchestrated launch event, to a strategic, multi-channel communications plan with a strong digital focus that emphasized Rihanna’s hand in every stage of product creation. As Rihanna is closely involved in all aspects of the brand, including the communication strategy, ongoing interaction with the client has been key to the strategy’s successful implementation. In parallel, there was also a close collaboration with Sephora, the brand’s exclusive distributor in Italy.


The brand launch was an immediate success, generating a social media frenzy and immediate product sell-out. Important brand features were published in all main target publications and broadcast on Italy’s most important TV channels. Prominence and visibility were also achieved for Fenty Beauty’s global makeup artistes Priscilla Ono and Hector Espinal. Rihanna’s style and her unique Fenty Beauty look, as displayed at the Met Ball and the Ocean’s 8 Premiere, were an integral part of the strategy. We have created a loyal following and hype around the brand and built anticipation for the up-coming launches.