Reaffirming the brand’s leadership in the ultra-premium segment, supporting the launch of “made with nature” concept and going beyond vodka through immersive experiences winning in the mixology arena


The production of Belvedere began in 1993 at the historical Polos Zyardow distillery dating back to 1910, run by the state as a partnership with Millenium until it was privatized in 2001. LVMH bought a 100% stake in Millenium LLC in 2005.
Crafted from 100% Polska Danowskie Rye, diluted with purified artesian water from Belvedere’s natural well, and 600 years of Polish vodka-making tradition, Belvedere contains zero additives, including sugar and glycerin. An elaborate, quadruple-distilled process reveals its balance of character and purity, as well as beautifully layered taste.
Belvedere launched the Naturalness project in 2016, articulating specific projects each year under the themes ‘Belvedere Garden’, ‘Drink Pink’ and ‘Branches’. In 2018 it expanded its distribution of Single-Estate Rye Vodkas, a collection featuring two distinctive vodkas created to showcase the unique character of their terroir: Lake Bartężek and Smogóry Forest. Today, Belvedere aims to challenge the status quo: they do not identify themselves as “Vodka Producers” but “as “Masters Rye Distillers”.

IC was approached by Belvedere to handle its press and public relations activities in Italy. The focus was on reaffirming the brand’s leadership in the ultra-premium sector, supporting new launches, creating immersive experiences, promoting its privileged Belvedere Collective, a selected group of expert mixologists and Brand Ambassadors in Italy, as well as consolidating the brand’s positioning as THE Vodka brand of choice for all occasions and seasons.


The communication strategy for Belvedere was based on a multi-channel integrated approach with a strong digital focus. Our objectives were to further increase visibility, brand appreciation and word-of-mouth in Italy, as well as drive traffic and sell-through promoting launches and key products according to the brand’s marketing plan. We worked very closely with Belvedere Marketing Department, to develop an inspiring storytelling focused on “made with nature” and targeted pitches aimed at both corporate and lifestyle media. We organized launches of different product lines, corporate interviews with Belvedere spokespersons, immersive media and digital events and one-on-one media meetings to secure prominent dedicated features. We also organized a press presentation in a high-targeted venue in the heart of Milan to launch the new reference Heritage 176 and promote the transition “beyond vodka”.
We pitched product placements, mixology stories and innovative narratives, receiving very positive feedback and a growing interest in Belvedere and its inspirational “made with nature” concept.


Owing to our privileged and long-standing relationship to top tier media, we secured prominent publications in corporate and lifestyle media, including Io Donna, Elle,, Vanity Fair, Wall Street Italia, La Cucina Italiana, Gentleman, Food & Beverage, improving engagement with the brand. Our results included: increasing visibility and creating exposure; positioning Belvedere as a leader of a “made with nature” experience; establishing and strengthening relationships between the brand, key editors and opinion leaders at the most effective levels.