Increase the worldwide visibility of France’s most prestigious art prize


ADIAF – “Association pour la diffusion internationale de l’art français” – is a French association of over 400 contemporary art collectors committed to supporting artistic creation.  It serves as a bridge between private collectors, patron brands and public institutions with a mission to promote the French contemporary art scene on a global scale.

The Prix Marcel Duchamp, France’s most prestigious art prize, has been one of ADIAF’s most outstanding initiatives since the prize was founded in 2000. Named in honor of one of France’s leading contemporary art figures and bestowed on a living contemporary artist, the Prix Marcel Duchamp counts among its laureates and nominees some of the most ground-breaking French artists of their generation, as it fosters every form of artistic expression.

In 2020, the Prix Marcel Duchamp marked its 20th anniversary and celebrated the commitment and discerning eye that have made ADIAF – under the leadership of its founder and then-president, Gilles Fuchs – a vital institution in the contemporary French art scene.  That same year, ADIAF marked 20 years of celebrating the work of artists it has supported, who have gone on to become landmark figures of the French art landscape, namely Thomas Hirschhorn, Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster, Mathieu Mercier, Tatiana Trouvé, Laurent Grasso, Daniel Dewar and Grégory Gicquel, Latifa Echakhch, Kader Attia, Clément Cogitore…

ADIAF has partnered with IC Insight Communications to expand its own international reach and increase the global recognition of the Prix Marcel Duchamp.


In 2020, we handled the deployment of the Prix Marcel Duchamp’s large-scale 20th Anniversary program, which included the annual prize-giving ceremony hosted by ADIAF at the Centre Pompidou in the presence of the museum’s president, Bernard Blistène.  We were also responsible for two separate exhibitions at the Centre Pompidou, one dedicated to that year’s prize nominees and the other, a retrospective of the work of every past prize winner in two decades.  Finally, we were in charge of a series of exhibitions all around France, sponsored by ADIAF and organized in partnership with regional art Platform/FRACs.

To meet our goals, we elaborated and implemented a local and global media relations strategy targeted to French and international key media – dailies and their supplements, news magazines, art and lifestyle monthly publications – as well as major audiovisual media and podcasts.


Our campaigns conducted on multiple fronts generated ongoing in-depth features and analysis that  consolidated the prominence of the Prix Marcel Duchamp as the most prestigious French art prize.  We were successful is securing coverage for the prize and its 20th Anniversary program in every leading French art, daily and lifestyle publication, namely Le Monde, Le Figaro, Les Echos, Libération, Le Quotidien de l’Art, The Art Newspaper France, Numéro, Ideat, Beaux-Arts Magazine, Connaissance des Arts, among others.  We also significantly increased international media coverage in key titles, namely a full-page editorial in the International New York Times, as well as Artinfo and Artforum…