Steinway & Sons



Steinway & Sons is virtually a household name, interwoven with musical history since 1853, used by nine out of ten concert pianists featured in countless lyrics and favoured by some of the greatest musicians spanning the range from classical to rock. We were delighted to launch their impressive new showroom in the heart of Paris on the Boulevard Saint-Germain, which was a momentous event as the brand’s first flagship opening since the 1875 unveiling of its London premises. Spread over two floors in a fittingly classical Haussmann building, the all-white 700 m2 space incorporates a number of salons and a 50-seat auditorium, setting the perfect stage to introduce Steinway’s innovative masterpieces for the 21stcentury to the French capital.


The highly anticipated May opening was attended by the Paris Who’s Who, musicians and music lovers who were treated to a performance by world-famous pianist Lang Lang’s prodigy. The magnificent recital held in the nearby church of Saint-Thomas d’Aquin added to the many landmark performances given over the years by the likes of Horowitz and Rachmaninoff in celebration of the Steinway piano.

We equally launched theSpirio, the world’s finest digital player piano system and the company’s most significant technical innovation in 70 years, as well as the Sunburst. Limited to 69 models worldwide in celebration of the year that brought us both Woodstock and ‘Abbey Road’,itsrich detailing was inspired by the guitars of 60s icons Hendrix, Dylan and Clapton. We staged a memorable evening in June 2018 as an homage to the era, with performances by Chris Stills and French music legend Christophe, who performed his 60’s classic ‘Aline’ along with more recent hits. The event was preceded by an exclusive interview with Rolling Stonemagazine and a classical interlude by pianist Justyna Chmielowiec. Further to these, we organised several press trips to the European headquarters and manufacturing seat of the company in Hamburg for Steinway’s 165thAnniversary.


The opening struck a key note in enhancing the distinctive legacy of the brand which epitomes musical excellence. Attended by the French capital’s cognoscenti of music and culture, as well as selected press, the opening generated impactful narratives and images that were featured in major newspapers, lifestyle and specialist publications. We were successful in raising French awareness of Steinway’s hallowed music history and current technological innovations. Our focus on the many aspects of the piano as a work of superior craftsmanship, an object of beauty and a cultural signifier also served to enhance its status as a lifestyle object which holds appeals for a clientele beyond music lovers and specialists.