Phillips is a leading global platform for buying and selling 20th and 21st century art and design. With dedicated expertise in the areas of 20th Century and Contemporary Art, Design, Photographs, Editions, Watches and Jewelry, Phillips offers professional services and advice on all aspects of collecting. Auctions and exhibitions are held at salerooms in New York, London, Geneva, and Hong Kong, while clients are further served through representative offices based throughout Europe, the United States and Asia. Phillips also offers an online auction platform accessible anywhere in the world. In addition to providing selling and buying opportunities through auction, Phillips brokers private sales and offers assistance with appraisals, valuations, and other financial services. In 2018, Phillips X was launched as an exhibitions and private sales programme that brings exceptional selling and non-selling exhibitions to clients, collectors and the public through year-round curation. The challenge was to generate visibility for Phillips’ global activities in France, alongside their representative office and exhibition space in Paris.


IC Insight Communications was retained in the beginning of 2019 to raise the visibility and presence in France for Phillips. Our brief extends from management profiles, to international sales and to promoting their space and exhibitions on 46 Rue du Bac, both as a year-round destination for collectors and art lovers, with the opportunity to interact with world class specialists in their field. Our own proven expertise and established network of key media, collectors and opinion leaders in the Art, Design, and Watches & Jewelry sectors provide a perfect fit to communicate Phillips’ activities and expertise, in seamless collaboration with their five departments (20th Century & Contemporary Art, Photography, Design, Editions, Watches & Jewelry). Our targeted campaign covers media relations around sales in London, New York, Hong Kong and Geneva, as well as special events and exhibitions. We have focused on building the profile of Paris exhibitions such as Foujita / Sanyu, Jorge Eielson and Perfume of Thornes, in addition to organising one-to-one interviews and lunches for key editors with the Phillips executive team and the respective specialists.


Adopting an integrated approach, we have developed compelling story angles and key messages for a targeted programme of ongoing media relations and special events to accompany Phillips’ sales and exhibition schedule throughout the year. This has successfully generated a broad spread of high-impact coverage in the French press, across art and lifestyle publications as well as high-profile dailies. As a direct result, Phillips has noted an increase in traffic at their premises on Rue du Bac, higher attendance of their exhibitions and increased consignments, all of which has contributed to enhanced business results. On the strength of our expertise in the sector, we have equally established further visibility for Phillips global leadership in Watches.