With their unique beauty and history, the emeralds extracted from the Muzo mine in Colombia have long been considered the finest emeralds in the world. Muzo is now creating a new precious stone brand – named after the mine – and is developing its own unique approach to emerald jewelry. We were hired to launch the brand, convey its significance and drive awareness of, and demand for Muzo emeralds amongst the world’s leading high-end jewelery brands.


We developed a targeted program of media relations and special events, starting with a press trip to Colombia in December 2015 and an event during Haute Couture in Paris in January 2016. We undertook the main brand launch at BaselWorld in March 2016 and in addition to negotiating a number of high profile brand features, we also secured an exciting collaboration with renowned jewelry designer Selim Mouzannar.


After a year as Muzo’s PR agency we succeeded in generating significant press coverage, including 35 brand features in key target publications. The collaboration with Selim Mouzannar was also a great success: his amazing design – the “Amal” Necklace, using 55 of Muzo’s incredible emeralds, won the ‘Best in Coloured Gemstones’ category at the prestigious Couture Design Awards (considered the Oscars of the jewelry industry) in Las Vegas in 2016 and also generated excellent media coverage, thus raising the profile of the brand even further.