MB&F is short for Maximilan Büsser & Friends, the eponymous brand founded in 2015 as an artistic concept lab to bring together a creative collective of independent watchmaking professionals in the common pursuit of radical time machines. The resulting kinetic sculptures are triumphs of craftsmanship that restore magic to marking time, with designs that ranges from biomorphic to futuristic. Conceived for like-minded cognoscenti, the brand has also established a community of ‘patrons’ which even extends its membership to owners of validated pre-owned pieces, thus integrating the concept of custodianship and longevity of precious machines existing outside of transient trends. MB&F retained the services of IC Insight Communications as a specialist communications agency with longstanding expertise in Watches, to handle its press and public relations activities for France around the launch of MB&F’s first timekeeping machine for women, with a focus on developing brand awareness and visibility, as well as reinforcing relationships between MB&F and key media.


We organised one-on-one meetings with editors in chief of leading media and MB&F’s designated spokesperson and supported the brand at the SIHH (Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie). We also created buzz and excitement around MB&F’s first timekeeping machine for women launched in March 2019, formulating targeted pitches with captivating brand narratives and story angles based on our expert knowledge of the media landscape in France.


Our campaign reinforced relationships between MB&F and key editors, digital influencers, tastemakers and opinion leaders at the highest and the most effective levels. Thanks to our extensive experience, technical expertise and network within the world of watches, we were successful in creating high visibility by securing prominent and impactful brand features around the launch of their first watch for women that served as a platform to communicate the universe and the core values of the brand and further develop brand awareness and visibility for MB&F in France.